5 Exterior Home Improvement Projects to Complete This Summer

13 June 2017

Through frosty winter mornings, storms, and precipitation, your home’s exterior really takes a beating. So when the weather lets up, seize the opportunity to give your home some TLC.

Agreeable weather is always preferable when completing any outdoor project. But no need to take on your laundry list of home improvement projects yourself — JC Painting Pro is here to help! Here are a few projects to take care of this season.

1. Don’t delay that deck makeover

Got a tattered deck in need of some attention? A deck makeover requires clear, dry, warm weather in order for the stain and sealant to dry properly and leave behind an even finish. Even then, between cleaning and other prep work, applying several coats of stain and sealant, and repeating on all surfaces from railings and benches to platforms and stairs — all the while avoiding splinters and other disasters — sprucing up a deck can be quite the undertaking. Hiring professional help is worth the investment to ensure a tidy job with long lasting results. Now is the time to prep your deck for summer entertaining!

2. Paint a statement front door

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole-home paint job but are itching to refresh your property’s curb appeal, start with a touch of bold color. A statement front door is a great place to start. First impressions count, and your front door is an opportunity to set the tone just before inviting guests inside. Use it as one of the first expressions of your style.

For example, did you know a red front door is thought to attract positive energy in feng shui principles? Depending on the shade used, red can create an attractive entryway for home styles from European countryside cottage to midcentury modern or Americana farmhouse. Other vibrant options include deep sunflower yellow, cobalt blue, or teal tones.

3. Blast away dirty surfaces

Fall and winter storms and spring showers have likely left behind a layer of grime. If windblown particles, dirt streaks from precipitation, or bird droppings are left to accumulate, they will become visible to the naked eye and dull your home’s exterior. Seasonal pressure washing can reverse months or years of buildup (consider it somewhat of an anti-aging treatment for your home!). While professional pressure washing is always recommended prior to an exterior paint job, it can also be the stand-alone solution your home needs to look (almost) as good as new.

4. Make time for touch-ups

Mend that dingy trim or woodwork, repair those surface cracks, and scrape and sand peeling paint spots, because once the sun comes out in full force, your home’s blemishes will only be illuminated! From a few minor paint touch-ups to a few fresh coats over all exterior trim, your summer paint job doesn’t have to be a multi-week, whole-home production. Also consider replacing old caulking now, as this can help contain cool air and keep out excess heat throughout the dog days of summer.

5. Plan your home’s next paint job

For all homes, a time will come when a few touch-ups here and there just won’t cut it any longer. If you notice the following signs on several areas of your home’s exterior, it may be time for a complete paint facelift:

  • Fading, chalking, peeling, or blistering paint bubbles
  • Visible wear (i.e. – cracks, damaged caulking) on siding or trim
  • Moisture damage (especially near drains or gutters)
  • Surface paint erosion or fading

If you suspect your home is due for an exterior paint job, summer is one of the best times to pencil it in. While, as a Pacific Northwestern painting company, we are well equipped to deal with unpredictable wet weather, summer’s steady forecasts present less opportunities for surprises. Paint can typically dry quicker in dry and warm conditions, and a job that takes an average 5 to 6 days might even wrap up on the shorter end of the spectrum.

At JC Painting Pro, we pride ourselves on making the process as painless as possible for our clients — from providing a free estimate to prepping, pressure washing, priming, and leaving your property pristine. Contact us today to collaborate on your exterior home improvement project as soon as possible!